Search Technology

We are your competent partner concerning the consulting and the implementation of bespoke enterprise search solutions. For projects that require search across multiple data sources, we integrate our proven product EnterpriseMetasearch® in your search landscape. In addition to commercial full-text search solutions, we gained favorable experience with Apache Lucene and its search servers Apache Solr and Elasticsearch.

IT Consulting

We advise and support you with our long-standing know-how in the analysis, planning, development and operation of sophisticated IT solutions. Due to our vendor independence, we are able to consider mature open source alternatives for each project.

Software Engineering

During the design process of customized software applications, we focus consistently on your individual needs. Upon request, we create in advance verifiable prototypes. For new individual software projects, we favor the use of Java and proven open source technologies.

Web Solutions

Since more than 15 years, we develop sophisticated web applications to which, depending on the project requirements, optimal technologies and tools are applied. Qualitative aspects such as security, ergonomics, search engine friendliness and maximum performance enjoy a high priority and represent an integral part of each of our solutions.