EnterpriseMetasearch® – The power of finding

The personalized search solution: internal and external data sources are searched quickly and comprehensively, dynamically combining the relevant results in a single hit list.

EnterpriseMetasearch searches in data sources


Multiple data sources – one search box – one hit list

THE PROBLEM: Searches are becoming more and more expensive because most search engines and databases use isolated data silos. These have to be searched one-by-one using different interfaces. Too often, access to in-house information as well as external data is inadequate and difficult; as a result, the search processes are complex and time-consuming.

THE SOLUTION: EnterpriseMetasearch® uses a single search box to search several data sources simultaneously: You can run a “Federated Search” with a single query. Results are compiled on the fly into a single hit list. At the same time, redundant hits are removed, and the results are weighted individually. You can get an idea of how a Federated Search by EnterpriseMetasearch® works by using the meta-search engine eTools.ch.

EnterpriseMetasearch® – individual, fast, intelligent

Find the information that interests you

Every company needs specific information. Therefore, the search features of EnterpriseMetasearch® are adapted to individual customer needs. If required, the combination of Federated Search and Indexed Search can be integrated.

Future-proof investment

EnterpriseMetasearch® is a robust, platform-independent search solution that can grow with your business and interfaces easily with new systems. Sources don’t have to be adapted prior to integration in EnterpriseMetasearch®.

Search in relevant data sources

Use EnterpriseMetasearch® to effortlessly search various data sources such as:

  • internal and external Internet search engines
  • free and fee-based web services
  • databases such as Oracle
  • directory services such as LDAP
  • search indices such as Lucene (also covers Solr or Elasticsearch)
  • SAP applications
Federated Search Process


Useful text mining and linguistic search

A powerful document-clustering engine summarizes the main topics of documents and simultaneously provides a basic overview of your result. Optional linguistic add-ons deliver meaningful search results.

Management and monitoring

EnterpriseMetasearch® automatically monitors and statistically evaluates data sources during operation. This means the sources can be analyzed and optimized, even during runtime.

Fast and scalable

EnterpriseMetasearch® is optimized to perform at maximum speed with minimal hardware resources, and scales almost linearly thanks to its sophisticated design.

Flexible and multilingual

EnterpriseMetasearch® is a pure Java application that runs on common Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. Since it offers Unicode support, it can be run with essentially all languages.

Integrates easily

Open interfaces allow Enter­prise­Meta­search® to be easily integrated into your system landscape. For example, business applications or websites are connected using a web service interface or a Java API. Portal servers can directly integrate individually preset portlets. If desired, we can also supply our solution as a plug ‘n play appliance or as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Framework interfaces – according to your needs

EnterpriseMetasearch Framework Interfaces


EnterpriseMetasearch® – The power of finding