Distribution and Solution Partners

The company Exapoint Solutions AG distributes and creates solutions based on EnterpriseMetasearch®.
Amongst others, Exapoint develops professional web solutions and maintains a strategic partnership with us in the field of web applications and e-government.

The German corporation Weitkämper Technology GmbH imple­ments EnterpriseMetasearch® into its product XSEARCH Federated Search and runs clusterpat.com, a showcase meta­search engine for EU and US patents.
Weitkämper is specialist and our partner in the field of intelligent search and surrounding issues.

finebrain Ltd., a specialist in the field of knowledge networking, integrates EnterpriseMetasearch® into the finebrain™ Expertise Platform and distributes Enterprise ClusterSearch, a federated search and clustering solution.
finebrain further maintains a partnership with us in the field of know­ledge management and Java software development.

Search and Technology Partners

The search result clustering engines carrotsearch.com and carrot2.org search the web by default with eTools.ch and automatically organize the results into thematic categories.
The company Carrot Search provides products and services in the area of search engines, text mining, document clustering and classification.

The company hyperWeb AG provides at hyperWeb.org a project management and knowledge platform.
The enterprise specializes in the field of internet knowledge management. The integration of external and company internal knowledge is another speciality. hyperWeb and hyperSearch retrieve web search results using our eTools.ch metasearch engine.

OpenSearchServer is an open source search engine built for e-commerce applications, content management software and document management solutions.
We preferably integrate OpenSearchServer cloud hosting for search applications which require an external search engine index.

optimizeIT GmbH is our long time technology partner, mainly in the field of Java software development and IT project management. Our collaboration ranges from know-how transfer to the joint execution of complex IT projects.